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Regional sales representative (Turkey)

Number of visits: Date:2020-5-18 11:23
About the company:
 Hylen Co., Ltd was established in the year of  2000. As a world leading manufacturer and supplier of  polyols and prebiotics. Hylen has invested and share-held its own factories to satisfy worldwide customers.Now Hylen’s products were exported to more than 60countries and districts. It also  estabalished local offices in Korea, Japan, etc. 
Job Responsibility:
• Develop new clients, new markets, effectively execute annual business plan to achieve sales target.
• Regularly visit main customers and dealers to either maintain or establish a stable long-term relationship.
• Strengthen brand promotion in all scenarios to drive Hylen's brand as a preferred brand within industry. 
• Conduct market research and analysis, and provide market analysis reports regularly.
• Consolidate and analyze industry information to capture potential sales opportunity.
• Supports co-workers in all sales-oriented activities, including service, marketing, advertising, sales promotions to achieve revenue targets.         
• Bachelor degree or above.
• At least 3 years working experience in polyols or other sweeteners' industry.
• New market and new client development ability.                                                                                                                                                                                               • • • •Good planning, analysis and problem solving skills.
• Good negotiation and communication skills with both internal and external groups.
• Excellent PC and office skills.
• Business driven/result driven. 
• 100% commission based
• 30% basic Salary, 70% commission based 
Language Skills:English

TypeInfo: Career

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